Who We Are

Yuri Gadow

Photograph of Yuri Gadow

Yuri has advised, led, and been a part of teams building products in tiny startups, small businesses and medium enterprises for everything from project management systems to financial analysis to drag and drop mobile app builders spanning the United States, India, and China.

For over fifteen years Yuri’s focus has been on finding opportunities to help organizations accomplish more with less through smaller, simpler, and more focused technology.

Yuri is currently researching and developing systems for player-generated stories in entertainment. He’s also a glider pilot, mountain biker and mechanic, mountaineer, diver, golfer, and founder of Teeboxer.

Matthew Jones

Photograph of Matthew Jones

Matt’s eighteen years of experience span many platforms, languages, and software products in communications, construction, and retail. He is also an investor and adviser to three brick-and-mortar bars and a gastropub.

Matt’s philosophy is to create software that makes its users feel awesome by allowing them to act naturally—no one should dread using technology.

When he’s not enjoying hiking, snowboarding, and exploring the High Rockies, Matt’s focused on the methods and applications of isomorphic architecture in the context of cloud and mobile.

SenseData is a group of people and small consultancies each expert in different pieces of the puzzle necessary to develop an idea into a profitable software product.

We share process, tools, and ship successful software without the overhead of larger companies or general contractors or the complexity of dealing directly with multiple parties.

Sumiyo Amano - DesignTech Studio

Photograph of Sumiyo Amano

Sumiyo owns DesignTech Studio and has been designing for web and mobile for seventeen years, winning many awards and accolades along the way, and featuring in a number of industry publications.

Jonathan Christensen - Kelsus

Photograph of Jonathan Christensen

For seventeen years, Jon has been developing web and mobile products and building and managing software teams in the United States, India, Thailand, Nepal, Brazil, and Argentina. Jon has founded three startups, including Lunker Log, and owns Kelsus.

Jon believes that behind all great products are strong relationships and, whether those relationships reach across the globe or just the office, they are the most important part of the software. He’s often found surfing in California, skiing the High Rockies, and coding into the small hours of the morning.